Wet Blue Leather

We are international exporters and traders of wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, wet blue cow hides and wet blue groupon splits from Europe, Asia and South America.

Wet Blue Leather Wet Blue Leather

Wet Blue Leather

Looking for high-quality wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, and wet blue cow hides? GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is your premier supplier, specializing in bulk and wholesale distribution from Spain, Argentina, and Bangladesh. Our commitment to offering a diverse range of leather products tailored to meet your quality requirements makes us the ideal partner for businesses and manufacturers worldwide.

Why Choose GUTIERREZALEU M.T. for Wet Blue Leather?

Comprehensive Product Range: At GUTIERREZALEU M.T., we offer a wide variety of wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, and wet blue cow hides. These products are available in different grades and specifications to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require top-quality leather for high-end products or more economical options, we have you covered.

Bulk Supply and Wholesale Distribution: We understand the demands of businesses requiring large volumes of materials. Our extensive inventory and robust supply chain enable us to handle bulk orders efficiently. We specialize in wholesale distribution, ensuring you receive consistent, high-quality leather in the quantities you need.

Global Sourcing: Our leather products are sourced from Spain, Argentina, and Bangladesh, allowing us to offer a range of qualities to suit different applications. Spain is renowned for its premium leather, ideal for luxury goods. Argentina provides high-quality leather known for its durability and consistency. Bangladesh offers competitive pricing while maintaining good quality, making it suitable for a variety of products.

Competitive Pricing: By sourcing our wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, and wet blue cow hides from multiple regions, we can offer competitive pricing across all grades. This cost-efficiency is passed directly to our customers, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Tailored Solutions: We cater to businesses with specific needs, providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. Our expertise in the leather industry allows us to understand your unique requirements and offer products that match your exact specifications.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At GUTIERREZALEU M.T., we are dedicated to providing high-quality products while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our leather is sourced from tanneries that prioritize environmentally responsible practices. By choosing our products, you are supporting sustainable initiatives in the leather industry.

Easy Ordering and Reliable Delivery

Our streamlined ordering process makes purchasing wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, and wet blue cow hides simple and efficient. Once you place your order, our team works diligently to ensure quick processing and delivery. We have established strong logistics partnerships to facilitate fast and reliable shipping worldwide, ensuring that you receive your order on time and in perfect condition.

Global Reach and Trusted Reputation

GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is internationally recognized for our excellence in supplying leather products. Our reputation as a reliable supplier extends across the globe, with satisfied customers in various regions. Our logistics network ensures timely and efficient delivery, no matter where your business is located.


Partnering with GUTIERREZALEU M.T. means choosing a supplier that values your business and strives to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist with any questions or special requirements. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships based on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

For high-quality wet blue leather, wet blue split leather, and wet blue cow hides in bulk, GUTIERREZALEU M.T. is your go-to supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and discover how we can support your business with the best leather products available at competitive prices. Whether you need leather from Spain, Argentina, or Bangladesh, we have the quality and range to meet your needs.
Wet blue Cow Split leather Wet blue Cow Split leather

Wet blue Cow Split leather

We can supply this type of Wet blue Cow Split leather  without shoulder from Bangladesh:
1. Goods: Cow Double Butt Split Leather.
Size: 10 sft +
Thickness: 1.2mm+
Qty: 80,000 sft by 20 feet container.
2. Goods: Cow Double Butt Split Leather.
Size: 7 sft +
Thickness: 1.1mm+
Qty: 90,000 sft by 20 feet container.
3. Goods: Cow Double Butt Split Leather.
Size: 5 sft +
Thickness: 1.0mm+
Qty: 95,000 sft by 20 feet container.

Wet Blue Groupon Splits Wet Blue Groupon Splits

Wet Blue Groupon Splits

1- Wet Blue groupon splits, single butts , ex lime splits, machine flayed, 2.4-3.2 kg average – 5-7 sqft – 1.8 mm min center.

2 - Wet blue Groupon splits, double butts, split in lime, 5-7 kgs average, abt. 1.6mm+ in the backbone area, average size abt. 13-16 sqft, abt 3.0 mm in the groupon, machine flayed.