Caracteristics & Prices

This is the caracteristics and prices of our scraps of leather or of our leather scraps.

Our Spanish Leather Scraps

In Spain, renowned for its leather goods industry, the scraps of leather produced by maroquineries are emblematic of unparalleled quality. This small town nestled in the Andalusian hills has garnered global acclaim for its craftsmanship, particularly in the realm of luxury leather goods. What sets Ubrique's leather apart is not just its superior craftsmanship, but also the meticulous selection of materials.

Spanish manufacturers adhere to a rigorous standard, using only the finest hides and skins to fashion a diverse array of leather products, from handbags to belts and beyond. These artisans recognize that the foundation of any exceptional piece lies in the quality of its materials. Consequently, they source premium leather from reputable suppliers, ensuring each scrap maintains the integrity and richness inherent to top-tier leather.

The scraps generated during production exemplify this commitment to excellence. While some may view them as mere remnants, in Spain, they represent a testament to quality. Even these smaller pieces exhibit the same richness, suppleness, and durability as their larger counterparts, making them highly sought after by designers and craftsmen worldwide.

Spanish leather scraps serve as a testament to the town's legacy of excellence in leathercraft. They are not merely cast-offs but rather prized fragments embodying the skill and dedication of generations of artisans. Whether incorporated into bespoke creations or repurposed in innovative ways, these remnants continue to showcase Spanish unwavering commitment to producing the finest leather goods in the world.

If you are looking for a serious supplier of very good quality leather scraps, in large quantities and at a very competitive price, you have come to the right company, just contact us and we will be happy to attend to your order according to your needs. We can export from Spain to any country in the world via air or sea (FOB or CFR).

The Characteristics of Our Scraps of Leather

At our establishment, we operate on a wholesale basis, offering leather scraps in bulk to businesses seeking reliable suppliers of premium-quality materials. We don't engage in selective sorting; instead, we provide mixed lots comprising a variety of sizes, colors, types, and thicknesses. This approach ensures versatility and caters to diverse manufacturing and crafting needs. Our commitment remains unwavering: to deliver high-quality leather scraps consistently and in large quantities. By partnering with us, you gain access to a comprehensive range of leather remnants that can enhance your production processes. Contact us today to discuss your bulk leather scrap requirements and experience the convenience of sourcing from a trusted and reputable supplier dedicated to meeting your business needs efficiently. All options will be in all colors, grains, sizes, varieties and thicknesses, but since they are scraps of leather that are obtained from the production of wallets, bags, purses, etc. (fine leather goods) the normal thickness that they usually have is 1 to 2 millimeters.

Prices & Information

Our prices for "wholesale" orders are:

*Ref. Nº1. Normal size leather scraps 100% full grain (Maximum of 3 SQFT. Approx.): €1,29 Euros/Kilogram.

*Ref. Nº2. Big size leather scraps 100% full grain (Maximum of 20 SQFT. Approx.): €10,95 Euros/Kilogram.

*Ref. Nº3. Leather scraps 100% full grain all mixed without selecting (1 and 2 Mixed): €5,85 Euros/Kilogram.

*Ref. Nº4. Scraps of split leather, suede leather and nubuck (All mixed without selecting): €0,49 Euros/Kilogram.

*Ref. No5. Scraps of Full grain leather, split leather, suede leather, nubuck, etc (All mixed without selecting): €1,09 Euros/Kilogram.

Our prices for "small" orders are:

We can accept orders of 20, 50, 100 or 500 kilos and they are divided into normal pieces and big pieces:

*Ref. No6. Normal size and "selected" leather scraps full grain: €6 Euros/Kg

*Ref. No7. Big size and "selected" leather scraps full grain: €18 Euros/Kg.

A) Of the references number 1 and 3 we can supply 1 container weekly and of the reference number 4 and 5 even more quantity, but of the reference number 2 we can only supply 1 container approximately every 2 or 3 months, by only selecting the largest pieces, the monthly quantities are greatly reduced.

B) The maximum size that normal pieces reach is up to 3 square feet and large pieces can reach up to 20 square feet and the normal thickness ranges from 1 to 2 mm in the full grain leather, perfect for any leather goods item (wallets, key chains, bags, purses, bracelets, etc). The largest pieces are selected by hand day by day as the leathers are collected. All our leathers are 100% finished and chrome and vegetable tanned of diferent species (Cow, goat, etc..) and there will also be some engraved leathers in imitation format of crocodile, snake, etc...But the normal is the cow leather.

C) A kilo of our full grain leather contains approximately 10 to 30 square feet, but this is simply informative, since it depends on the thickness, the form, the type of skin, the size, etc... And we sell by kilos and not by square feet our skins. 

D) These prices are Ex-work in Cadiz, Spain (Transport not included) and for quantities not less than 1 container for the wholesale orders. Consult for FOB Spain deliveries or CFR shipments via air or sea to any country in the world.

E) For quantities greater than 2 full container a 3% discount will be made.
F) These prices are approximate and will vary in relation to the existence of raw materials, time of year, etc...So it is advisable to consult!.

G) The leather scraps will be packaged in bags or boxes of 10 to 20 kilos. If you are only interested in big leather scraps, the collection and delivery times will be much longer.

H) If you decide to buy the mixed product in any of its formats (Ref.No. 3, 4 & 5), a percentage of each type present in the batch is not guaranteed, everything that leaves the factories will be collected and packaged.

I) For reference number 1, the product is delivered as it comes out of the cutting and die-cutting machines, joined together and the customer must separate the pieces if necessary, only for small orders (Ref.No. 6 and 7) and for big pieces (Ref.No. 2) we will separate the pieces and selected.

J) We want to make it very clear that our skins have nothing to do with the skins that are produced in Asia or any other country in the world, our skins are of 100% European origin and tanned in Europe, so they are skins to manufacture leather goods of the highest quality and is used by the most important fashion brands in the world, so there is no similarity with the leather that is produced in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, etc. This product is for manufacturing high quality leather goods (Top grain aniline leather It is soft and flexible).

Photos & Videos Of Each Type

Below you will see an example of each type in images:

Normal size leather scraps full grain Normal size leather scraps full grain

Ref. Nº1.

Normal size leather scraps full grain.

Large leather scraps Large leather scraps

Ref. Nº2.

Big leather scraps full grain.

Leather scraps mixed Leather scraps mixed

Ref. Nº3.

Leather scraps full grain all mixed without selecting (1 and 2 Mixed).

Scraps of split leather Scraps of split leather

Ref. Nº4.

Scraps of split leather, suede leather and nubuck, all mixed without selecting.

More Videos Of Our Scraps Of Leathers

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